Pregnant Woman with Broken-Arm Attacked by Man for Twerking Onstage – Watch Video

A pregnant woman was attacked by a man said to be her boyfriend, however, seemingly looked like her son, for twerking onstage at an event. A video capturing the incident has gone viral online.

The video begins with multiple women showcasing their twerking skills onstage at the event. Among them, the pregnant female dances while a man stands nearby watching her exposed butt with a microphone in his hand.

The woman can be seen with a cast on one hand while wearing a short black dress that clings to her figure and accentuates her big baby bump. However, the dress apparently rode up while she was twerking, exposing her buttocks.

Later in the video, a young man, rushes onto the stage and attacks her, hitting her repeatedly on the head as she tries to retreat.

The cheers from the audience turn into loud protests as the patrons witness the attack. Near the end of the video, the man with the microphone separates the pair.

The date and the location of the incident are unknown.

Watch the video of the incident below:

The video was shared on X at 5:00 p.m. on Friday and has since amassed over 14 million views and 39K likes. One viewer commented, “Now we know why she has a broken arm.”

Another viewer wrote, “They need to get that man away from her and get her to a place she can be taken care of.”

A third viewer said, “He could’ve waited to address this after she left the stage.”

Read more of the comments below:

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