Male Humanoid Robot Touches Woman ‘Inappropriately’ in Saudi Arabia – Video

Footage of a male robot has gone viral online after some viewers said the machine appeared to touch a female reporter named Rawya Kassem ‘inappropriately’.

The robot which is named Muhammad, is Saudi Arabia’s first humanoid male robot.

It was unveiled at a technology event in the country, and while a journalist was seemingly discussing the robot, it can be seen on video moving its hand towards her bottom and making contact with her clothes.

It’s unclear if the touch was unintended or intended by the robot.

The incident repeatedly took place earlier this week in this week in Riyadh.

Following the circulation of the video, viewers have been discussing and joking about what the robot was trying to do.

“We just witnessed the moment that Al first became sentient,” one viewer stated.

While another joked that, “First, they came for our jobs, now they’re coming for our girls.”

Watch the video below:

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