Footage Shows ‘Close Range’ Shootout Between Police Officer and Man – Graphic Video

A man was reportedly killed after suddenly pulling out a gun on a police officer and opening fire after he suggested that he was being forced to hurt people.

The incident was captured on a police bodycam as well as on a surveillance camera outside the building that the officer was in. The date and location of the incident are not known, but it appears to have taken place in the United States, possibly at a police station.

The first portion of the video was captured on the officer’s bodycam, and he can be seen at the door speaking to a man, who first asks if he can get some more officers and then suggests that someone is forcing him to hurt people.

“Somebody said they’re going to hurt my family. They wanted me to hurt kids. I can’t do it. So I gotta do this,” the man stated as he suddenly pulled out a gun from his pocket.

The officer proceeded to draw his weapon but momentarily hesitated before shooting, trying to convince the man to put down the gun. However, the man went on to open fire on the officer, and the pair exchanged gunfire.

The man was reportedly fatally shot and can be seen on a surveillance camera outside on the floor, bleeding. On the other hand, The officer received a gunshot wound to the chest and can be heard in pain as he fell to the ground.

He was later assisted by what appeared to be another officer, but his current condition is unknown.

The footage of this fatal encounter is available for viewing HERE, serving as a sombre testament to the unpredictable nature of such confrontations.


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