81YO Man Charged with Killing 61YO Female Uber Driver in Ohio after Scam Call Confusion

61-year-old Loletha Hall, an Uber driver was fatally shot by an 81-year-old man, William Brock, under the mistaken belief that Hall was involved in a robbery attempt. The sequence of events unfolded after both Brock and Hall fell victim to separate scam calls, leaving them entangled in a dangerous misunderstanding.

On March 25, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call from Brock, who claimed he had shot someone trying to rob him. Brock, now facing a murder charge following his arrest on April 10, had shot Hall when she arrived at his residence in response to a request on the Uber app to pick up a package.


Investigators revealed that both Brock and Hall had been targeted by scam callers. Brock received a call falsely claiming a family member was in custody and demanding a large sum for bail, while Hall was instructed via a separate scam call to collect a package from Brock’s home.

As Hall approached Brock’s residence and enquired about the package, Brock, agitated and misled by the scam call, confronted her with a firearm, demanding information about the supposed threat. He also confiscated Hall’s phone and prevented her from leaving.

Despite Hall posing no threat during the encounter, Brock shot her multiple times, leading to her death at a local hospital shortly after. Despite the scam call, many people online are labelling the killing as racially driven.

In response to the tragedy, Uber has cooperated with law enforcement, banned the scammer’s account, and reaffirmed its commitment to driver safety. The company stressed the significance of ongoing safety measures within the app, including emergency tools like the 911 integration, RideCheck, and the Driver Safety Awareness Center.

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