TikToker Derrick Morgan Robbed of over 40k in Downtown

TikToker Derrick Morgan shares details after allegedly falling victim to a robbery shortly after completing a sale. Morgan recounted how a group of females chased him into St William Grant Park, Downtown, Kingston, snatching his ‘money bag’ containing the day’s earnings.

According to Morgan, The ordeal began after he sold several shirts and hats to a customer at Devon House. Planning to restock supplies, he headed back Downtown but found himself pursued by the women, hurling insults and threats.


Cornered and outnumbered, Morgan described the terrifying moment when his bag dropped and was subsequently seized by one of the females, containing over $40,000.

Derrick Morgan tiktok
Derrick Morgan

Heartbroken and frustrated, Derrick Morgan expressed his dismay at the callousness of the perpetrators to a Jamaica Star Reporter, lamenting the loss of funds crucial for his survival. “Is over $40,000 mi have in the bag and say mi a go bank it, enuh, and di dutty gyal dem take it. Mi nah trouble dem.”

He continues, “Mi spend up $24,000 to print di shirt dem, because mi did a get di sale and mi plan say mi a go Ochi today (Thursday) fi sell di rest, and dem take it. When dem take it, all mi coulda do was run up a Orange Street and start cry. People tell mi which part dem come from, and which part dem gamble.”

Despite lodging a report with the police and recovering some personal documents, the stolen cash remained unrecovered.

Reflecting on the incident, Derrick Morgan voiced his disbelief at the audacity of robbing a vulnerable individual striving to make ends meet. With a sense of betrayal and disillusionment, he highlighted the challenges faced by those trying to better themselves in the face of adversity.

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