Male Punches Female in Face after She Called him “frownsy man”

During a hearing at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on April 25, Neville James, a man from the corporate area, found himself answering to charges after punching a woman in the face following a heated confrontation.

The incident occurred at a car wash last month when the complainant, who had momentarily left her seat, returned to find James occupying it. She demanded he vacate the seat, asserting her prior claim. In response, James invited her to sit beside him, but she insulted him by calling him a ‘frowsy’ man.


She reportedly stated, “Me nah siddung beside nuh frownsy man.”

Enraged by the insult, James lashed out and punched the woman in the face, resulting in injuries. However, during the court proceedings, Senior Parish Judge Sanchia Burrell raised doubts about the complainant’s credibility, suggesting she may have been the initial aggressor in the confrontation.

Despite the altercation, an impromptu mediation session between James and the complainant led to a resolution. James agreed to compensate the woman for her injuries, agreeing to pay over $16,000 in damages. According to the Jamaica Star, he made an initial payment of $10,000 in court, with the remainder to be paid by the next hearing scheduled for May 2.

Although James did not formally enter a plea for assault causing actual bodily harm, the agreement reached during mediation served as a means to resolve the matter amicably.

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