Footage Shows Mother and Son Fatally Shooting 2 People in Brazil: Husband Drives Getaway Vehicle

The disturbing and bizarre incident unfolded in Peixoto de Azevedo, central Brazil, where a mother and son unleashed a barrage of gunfire in a home, resulting in the deaths of two individuals and injuring a priest.

The shooters, identified as cattle rancher Ines Gemilaki, 48, and 28-year-old emergency care doctor Bruno Gemilaki Dal Poz, arrived at the property in a pickup truck. Inside the home, occupied by eight people at the time, chaos erupted as the assailants indiscriminately fired their weapons.


While some managed to flee through a glass door, others sought refuge inside, cowering in fear. Ines, clad in a blue top and white trousers, was captured on CCTV entering the house and firing multiple shots towards those hiding behind furniture.

Her husband and accomplice, Marcio Ferreira Gonçalves, 45, awaited in the getaway vehicle as Ines and Bruno continued their assault from the garden.

The motive behind the attack appears to stem from a dispute over rent payments for the property. Ines had reportedly filed complaints to the police alleging threats and harassment related to the ongoing legal battle over the debts.

Tragically, two victims, Pilson Pereira da Silva, 69, and Rui Luiz Bogo, 81, lost their lives in the gunfire, while priest José Roberto Domingos sustained injuries. Despite the chaos, the intended target, the homeowner, escaped unharmed.

Watch the incident in the video below:

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