Footage Shows Son Shooting Father’s Alleged Killer in Courtroom in Brazil – Watch Video

This shocking incident unfolded in a São José do Belmonte, Brazil, courtroom, where 27-year-old Cristiano Alves Terto fired six shots at 38-year-old Francisco Cleidivaldo Mariano De Moura, the man accused of murdering Terto’s father.

The attack occurred during a jury session, causing pandemonium as Terto, armed with a .38-caliber revolver, advanced toward De Moura and opened fire.


The video from the courtroom shows Terto, in a state of rage, shooting De Moura at close range, even as the latter attempted to find cover behind a desk. After emptying his revolver, Terto continued his assault by pistol-whipping De Moura, who had fallen behind the judge’s bench.

This act of violence caused immediate chaos, with court attendees scrambling for safety. Subsequently, Terto fled the scene but was soon apprehended by the Pernambuco Military Police and charged with attempted murder.

The background to this violent outburst traces back to October 2012, when De Moura allegedly shot Terto’s father, Francisco Alves, during a confrontation over a stray donkey on Alves’s farm. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Alves succumbed to his injuries 18 days later.

De Moura, having confessed to the killing, managed to evade capture for some time before being arrested.

The courtroom shooting, which happened on November 29, only came to public attention when the footage was released this week. De Moura survived the attack but was hospitalized and then transferred to a facility far from the courthouse.

Watch the now-viral encounter below:

The incident not only highlighted the intense personal vendetta of Terto but also raised serious questions about courtroom security and the long delays in the judicial process that may have contributed to the charged atmosphere leading to this tragic event.

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