Goat Thief Caught On CCTV

November 4, 2023 8:29 AM

As it nears the Christmas season, where there is sometimes a spike in illegal activities, one such incident was caught on video where a man was caught stealing goats.



There has always been an issue with livestock, especially goats, stealing in Jamaica that hinders certain farmers from venturing into the business, as little to no justice can be found after the livestock has been taken.

The footage captured of the goat being stolen is about a minute and a half long and shows that at least two individuals were involved in the theft. It starts with a black car driving slowly along a road before stopping and reversing into an open area between two buildings.

The car reverses until it is not seen, before driving forward again and a man in a white shirt emerges from the vehicle. The three goats that were grazing along the wall were startled but the man was able to grab onto one and force it into the car. When he tried to grab another he was unsuccessful and had to retreat.

The car then drove off in the direction it initially came from, leaving the cries of the goats that were left behind.

Watch the video below:



It’s unclear, when and where the incident took place.

Uploaded to social media, the footage garnered attention from viewers, one of whom stated, “That’s y when them kill them a don’t have a thing to say. The people them work hard fi keep them live stock. And here comes drancro.”

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