Goat Thief Caught on Camera; Skilfully at Work – Watch Video

Though many praedial larcenists go unseen in the night as they commit their crimes, one unsuspecting goat thief was caught on camera as he made off with multiple goats.

In the footage, a young man can be seen in a goat pen tying a rope knot that will allow him to abscond with multiple goats all at once.

Not aware of the camera filming him above, the thief looks almost directly in the direction of the device before making off with the three goats he has tied.

Watch the video below.

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Praedial larceny has plagued the Jamaican agriculture sector for decades and remains a major deterrent to young farmers hoping to venture into animal rearing.

Jamaican farmers suffer an estimated loss of more than $5 billion per annum due to praedial larceny.

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