UFO Sighting Over NYC Leaves Experts Baffled – Watch Video

Federal aviation officials are investigating a potential UFO sighting over New York City after an airplane passenger captured video footage of a mysterious “flying cylinder” from her window while flying out of LaGuardia Airport.

Michelle Reyes, the passenger who filmed the unidentified object on March 25, initially contacted the FAA to report her sighting but received no acknowledgement of her email.


The dark object, described as a “flying cylinder,” was spotted at approximately 2,500 feet near a major commercial flight path, according to Thomas Wertman from the Mutual UFO Network. Wertman ruled out conventional explanations such as drones, news helicopters, or military aircraft due to the object’s shape and altitude.

The footage, which shows a round object without typical aircraft features like wings or a tail, has intrigued experts but requires further investigation to determine its nature.

Thomas Wertman who is the state director of the Mutual UFO Network in Ohio, looked at the video and told The Post that the dark object was spotted at about 2,500. He also stated that the image “doesn’t appear to be doctored,” he went on to outline that, “It’s a very intriguing image… It needs more research.”

There were other possibilities mentioned, such as a high-flying bird or weather balloon.

The FAA is currently investigating the sighting to identify the mysterious object, while Wertman emphasised the need for additional information, including metadata from the footage, to gain more insights into the sighting.

Learn more from the video report below:

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