Rare Earthquake Shakes New York Area, Rattling Residents Across Multiple States

An earthquake struck the New York area on Friday morning, causing a stir among residents of New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. The seismic event, a preliminary 4.8-magnitude quake, originated near Lebanon, New Jersey, at approximately 10:23 a.m., as reported by the US Geological Survey.

Residents across a broad region experienced the tremors, feeling the ground shake as far north as New Paltz, New York, and as far south as Delaware. In Newark, Delaware, Kelly Shone, a mother of two, described the sensation as a “slight rumbling,” initially mistaking it for her husband moving around in their home.


While the immediate extent of damage was unclear, New York Governor Kathy Hochul assured the public that her team was actively assessing the impacts and potential damages. New York City Mayor Eric Adams was also briefed on the situation, confirming that no major impacts had been reported in the city.


The incident sparked reactions across social media, with the Empire State Building’s official X account humorously confirming its well-being. However, As reported by NY Times the quake left many residents unsettled, as echoed by Traci Slade from Clifton, NJ, who expressed her shock and fear during the event.

Further details revealed the earthquake‘s epicenter was located approximately 50 miles west of Manhattan, in Lebanon, NJ. The tremors were felt across a wide area, from Philadelphia to Boston, causing temporary disruptions at several East Coast airports and prompting building evacuations in Manhattan.

Despite the rarity of such seismic events in the Northeast, New York has experienced several noticeable earthquakes over the years, including a notable 5.2 magnitude quake in 1884.

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