7.4-Magnitude Earthquake Causes Widespread Destruction in Taiwan: Fatalities Rising – Watch Videos

Taiwan experienced its strongest earthquake in 25 years, leading to significant casualties and damage, particularly in the tourist city of Hualien on the country’s eastern coast.

The earthquake, with magnitudes reported at 7.2 by Taiwan’s local monitoring agency and 7.4 by the United States, caused widespread destruction, trapping numerous individuals and resulting in a substantial number of injuries and fatalities.

The impact of the earthquake was starkly evident in Hualien, where CCTV footage captured the harrowing collapse of a multi-storey building onto a bustling street. The quake’s aftermath saw buildings damaged, and people caught in the debris amidst ongoing aftershocks.

The tremor, which occurred at 7:58 am, prompted a swift emergency response to address the immediate dangers and assist the affected residents.

The National Fire Agency (NFA) of Taiwan provided a grim update on the situation, reporting that nine individuals had lost their lives due to the earthquake, while 882 others sustained injuries. The severity of these injuries has not been specified, adding an element of uncertainty to the already tense atmosphere as the community begins to reckon with the quake’s toll.

Compounding the disaster, authorities revealed that 131 people are currently unaccounted for, raising concerns about their safety and well-being. Among the missing are 50 employees of the Silks Place Hotel Taroko, who were en route in four minibuses at the time of the earthquake.

Despite efforts, these individuals have not been reachable by phone, prompting officials to classify them as trapped until further notice.

The earthquake‘s impact extends beyond the immediate physical damage, affecting the lives of hundreds and disrupting the sense of security in the region.

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