Elephant Man Shares His Views on People Who Imitate His Voice

In an interview with Yardhype, Elephant Man was asked the question, “What’s your reaction to people who imitate your voice?” His response was interesting as he accepts people who use it in a positive and uplifting way, however, he strongly resents people who use it in a negative “bring dung” manner.

A part of his response was, “Well i don’t have problem with it enuh, but if you ago use my voice just have likkle respect!.. don’t try feel like seh yuh ago try bring dung my thing with my voice… How does it look fi somebody a try bring dung your thing with your voice? That nuh mek nuh sense… Dont try clown-out my thing with my voice.”


Jamaican artistes such as Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Buju Banton, and Bob Marley are frequently imitated in interviews and comedy skits. Elephant Man’s Lisping, speech impediment is commonly used by people who share experiences while around him or by people who sing his songs or talk his slangs such as “Shizzle”.

Elephant Man

Notably, there are people online who make entire comedy skits based on Elephant Man‘s persona with his unique dressing style. Elephant Man, also known as the ‘Energy God’ was on top of dancehall in the early 2000s, despite not seeing success as before with his music, he has managed to remain consistently in the headlines for both positive and controversial endeavours like his recent revelation of having 38 children.

Listen to his full reaction to the question below:

The Grammy-nominated Dancehall artiste whose birth name is Oneil Bryan was asked many other questions, including his past association with Diddy and Usher. He also talks about Shabba, Ninjaman, Mad Cobra, Super Cat and Buju Banton being his favourite dancehall artistes, Loving Jamaican food and more

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