Haiti’s Transitional Council Sworn in Amidst Sporadic Gunfire in Downtown Port-au-Prince

Amidst the turmoil of violence that has ravaged Haiti, on April 25, the country embarked on a new political journey with the installation of a transitional council tasked with selecting a new prime minister and preparing for future presidential elections.

The inauguration of this council marked a significant step towards addressing the escalating crisis that has claimed thousands of lives. Ariel Henry, the former prime minister who had been unable to return to Haiti due to the violence, facilitated the transition by resigning on Thursday while abroad in Los Angeles.


In his absence, Economy and Finance Minister Michel Patrick Boisvert was appointed as interim prime minister by Henry’s outgoing Cabinet. Meanwhile, the newly sworn-in transitional council convened amidst sporadic gunfire in downtown Port-au-Prince, highlighting the challenges posed by ongoing gang/armed-group activities.

Speaking passionately to a gathered audience in Pétion-Ville, Boisvert acknowledged the gravity of Haiti‘s predicament, declaring the country to be at a critical juncture. He urged the council to lead the nation towards peace, economic recovery, and social unity.

The council, comprising nine members including representatives from various political factions and civil society, holds a crucial mandate to shape the country’s future. Their responsibilities range from appointing an electoral commission to setting the agenda for a new Cabinet.

As per reports from the Jamaica Gleaner, the council’s non-renewable mandate expires on February 7, 2026, at which date a new president is scheduled to be sworn in.

While uncertainty persists over the interim leadership and the course of action to be taken, council members emphasised the urgency of addressing Haiti’s pressing security and humanitarian issues. Gangs now control large swathes of Port-au-Prince, displacing tens of thousands and exacerbating acute food insecurity affecting millions.

Amidst this backdrop of despair and strife, the Haitian people look towards their new leaders with a blend of hope and scepticism, yearning for stability and a respite from the violence that has shattered countless lives.

See scenes from the proceedings below:

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