Woman Stabs Boyfriend and Hits Him in The Head with Broken Bottle – Watch Video

A fight broke out inside a bar between a man and his girlfriend after she stabbed him in the back with a sharp object. The domestic dispute began not long after the couple entered a bar in Brazil. A surveillance camera inside the establishment recorded the incident. 

The footage emerged online, showing the couple entering the establishment where several other individuals were present, the woman entering a short while before the man. They proceeded to claim a table that was close to the entrance, but they did not sit. 


The woman initially appeared to be pouring herself a drink from one of the bottles on the table but started clearing the messy area instead and carried most of the bottles away. Her boyfriend was standing with his hands leaned against the wall when she snuck up behind him, pulled out a sharp object, and stabbed him twice in the back. When he turned to face her, she began to retreat. He slowly started to pursue her, stopping at a nearby table to pick something up. She ran circles around the other patrons in the bar, using them as obstacles. He threw a punch at her and continued chasing until she broke a bottle and struck him in the head.

The altercation did not end there even though his forehead quickly became bloody. While some customers were making their way out of the bar, a male customer tried to pry the couple away when the woman’s boyfriend grabbed her, holding her for a minute before starting to stab her with the object he had acquired. 

Parted, the man threw the object to the floor (it was retrieved and thrown outside by the customer) and then began punching her several times before the customer dragged him away and escorted him outside.

At the end of the fight, the man had blood on his face and hand. There was also a puddle of blood on the table. 

Watch the video of the fight below:

WATCH: https://yardhype.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/Woman-Stabs-Boyfriend-and-Hits-Him-With-Broken-Bottle-In-Brazil.mp4

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