Woman Recounts Almost Getting Caught by Mother While Engaging in Sexual Activities on School Compound

Saturday, October 7, 2023, 4:09 PM GMT-5

Now twenty-three years old and a mother, a woman opened up about her sexual escapades when she was in high school, revealing that she had sexual intercourse with her partner while on the school compound.

According to the woman, multiple girls from her school would engage in sex with guys on the compound who were not students from the school. So united were the teens in their forbidden exploits during school hours that they would take turns as lookouts to watch out for teachers.


Sharing her story in the Jamaica Star‘s column Tell Me Paster, the woman said she was also seeing someone who was not a student, and he would occasionally bring her lunch. She recounted one occasion when she was 16 and almost got caught by her mother, who visited the school unexpectedly to see the principal.

She had just finished having sex with the guy she was seeing when she was informed by a friend that her mother was there. The woman shared that she did not have enough time to go to the bathroom to wash up and was extremely nervous when she went to the principal’s office.

However, she was not in trouble, and neither her mother nor the principal were aware of what had happened. She continued seeing the same man and the pair are now married and have a daughter.

Prior to their marriage, the woman said her partner joked that he could not take any risks with her because her lifestyle in school made her dangerous. Due to her experiences, the young mother expressed that she will have to keep a close eye on their daughter, as she is aware of the risks young girls are willing to take.


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