World’s Biggest 14-year-old Dubbed “Teen Hulk” – Watch Video

Tyler Parker, the world’s biggest 14-year-old, said to be able to deadlift 188kg in weights, was bestowed the moniker of “Teen Hulk” due to his large physique. Parker is 185 cm (6 feet) and 134 kg (295 lbs) and attends the Santa Margarita Catholic High School (SMCHS) as a sophomore in California, United States.

The defensive lineman shot to viral fame after pictures were posted on social media of him flexing his muscles after a workout session.

His mother, Dawnielle Powell, describes Parker as a big-hearted family guy who will “shake your hand but he will knock you down at the same time.”

Anthony Rouzier, head coach at the SMCHS, stated that Parker came to them when he was 13 years old during camp. His handshake was confident enough for the coach’s first thoughts to be “damn this kid is strong.” At the time, Parker was weighed and came in at 186.2 pounds.

During his visit, Parker’s biggest obstacle was how he was going to keep up because of how far he lived (an hour and a half away from the compound). However, a coach who lived that way offered to transport him.

After his picture went viral on social media, people started to recognize him in the streets, but he tried not to get swept away by the hype. Parker stated that many people had doubted him initially, but he pushed through, and his current goal is “to try to be the best defense and lineman in the country and make it to the NFL” (National Football League).

No days off to Parker represents him, “getting better every day and trying to be the best version of myself every day, on and off the field.” He wants to be remembered as someone who respects others and is “a great person all around.”

Watch the entire video below:

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