Yaksta’s Angry Voice-Note Leaked Addressing his ex-friend DJ Easy – LISTEN

February 26, 2023

Dancehall entertainer Yaksta’s ex-friend DJ Easy recently released a voice note that has since gone viral from the Ambition artiste. In the voice note, the deejay sounds very angry as he addresses his ex-friend’s claims about money owed by him.

Yaksta also admits in the voice note that he, in fact, owes his ex-friend some money. According to DJ Easy, the amount in question is around $250,000.


In the heated voice note, Yaksta hit out strongly against his ex-friend by declaring, ”When time me come a yard you see the 100 thousand weh yuh lend me dung a leggo di bird Wednesday, di night when e wul a wi buy liquor ah drink out a, me a ge you that back.” The dancehall artiste concluded the voice by telling DJ Easy about his mother.

DJ Easy continued his mission of exposing Yaksta and demanding money owed to him by posting a video in reply to a video circulating online labelling him as a friend killer, saying, “People me caa understand this, how a man owe a man him money and nuh waa pay him, eeh me waa uno ask Yaksta fi me, because people dem a ask me fi nuh do certain things and me a whole a vibe, but me very impatient and me want me money bredrin.”

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In addition to the video and voice note, DJ Easy also posted an Instagram conversation which seems to be between him and Yaksta, dated back to December. The message reads, “mi need mi money fam,” that message received no reply, followed by another one which reads, “yo me need mi money,” the second message did, however, generate a reply saying, “send back an account fi send back yo cash.”

Watch the video below for more info:



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