Yanique Tells Women “Don’t Be Afraid To Cater To Your Man” Amidst Miss. Kitty ‘Boyfriend’ Comments

Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 11:47 AM

[Sharingbuttons]Yanique Curvy Diva has added her voice to the topic of how a woman should treat a boyfriend versus a husband which was brought up by Miss. Kitty.

In a video upload to her Instagram over the weekend the Curvy Diva shared that she was single but will start dating in 2018 and also encourage ladies to cater to their man.


“Yes Zaddy let me cover you with all my kisses.” She said before adding that women shouldn’t be afraid to cater to their man. “Ladies don’t be afraid to cater to your man,”


Miss Kitty came under fire from social media users earlier this week after a video of her surfaced online saying “Mi nah give no boyfriend no husband treatment! Husband eat outta plate… boy eat outta styrofoam or foil paper.”

Miss Kitty had, however, explained that her comments were in regards to a listener that shared her story of her ex-boyfriend of ten years left for another woman and got married in three months. After meeting in financial difficulties he contacted her to borrow $450,000.

Hence, according to Miss. Kitty she will not she will not be doing all the good stuff for a boyfriend if he doesn’t plan to marry her.

“Afta yuh done use mi and abuse mi, mi nuh get no ring,” Miss. Kitty added

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