One-Legged Man Stabs Man to Death – Watch Video

October 29, 2022

An amputated man fatally stabbed another male, who is presumed to be his friend, as they stood outside a building. 

The attacker was using two crutches for mobility as he and another man walked close to a building that had a surveillance camera capturing the entire incident. In the footage, both men came to a stop and are seen observing the ground as if they are in search of something.


Shortly after, the amputee uses his crutch to point at an item on the ground, which the other man bent to retrieve. Consequently, he proceeded to withdraw a knife from his side and made his first slash at the guy’s throat.

As the victim staggers, the amputee drops one of his crutches and begins stabbing him repeatedly. The two engaged in a tussle and ended up falling to the ground.

The video, which is almost 2 minutes long, continues with them rolling and fighting on the ground until the amputee overpowers him and resumes stabbing.

Watch the video: HERE

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