10 Most Attractive Male Dancehall Artistes Right Now – See Pictures

Dancehall females are not the only ones who make a splash when it comes to strong visuals, many male Dancehall entertainers also generate a buzz because of their looks.

Dexta Daps, Konshens, Lincoln 3Dot, and other male Jamaican deejays wield similar influences as musical acts like Trey Songz, Ne-Yo, and Chris Brown when it comes to driving girls crazy with their voices and songs.

This top ten list was curated by yardhype.com, in July 2023.

In no particular order, the following list consists of the top ten contenders for the category of attractive male Dancehall artistes.


Starting strong, we have Dexta Daps, whose sultry bedroom voice drives women crazy whether in private or at a packed stage show in front of thousands. His singles No Underwear and Breaking News were massive hits among the female population.


A veteran in the business, Sean Paul has long since garnered a strong fan base and his “Indian-like” appearance is popular with many females. His song Temperature still generates waves today.


This Dancehall deejay is known for his plethora of whining songs made to have girls “bruk out” and “wine inna di road.” His handsome face often makes women overlook when he curses in songa because they think it just adds to his charm.


Lincoln 3Dot is a controversial artiste who is always on the side of the females and rose to popularity because of his open-mindedness when it comes to actions in the bedroom. His catchy and vibe-filled songs, like Bang, always has girls dancing.


With a more mature look and vibe, Agent Sasco has found a place on the list. This multitalented individual is popular among women for his fatherly love towards his daughter ( Lauren “LC” Campbell) and dapper fashion sense.


Masicka is an all-rounder who sings conscious music, gangster songs and songs for the ladies, which includes MomentsImage, and Like Gold. His notable put-together appearance and low voice are all a part of his allure.


Cham or Baby Cham, born Damian Beckett, is also known as one of the most handsome Jamaican artistes. His most popular features are his eyes, light complexion, and his plump bottom lip. One of his most popular songs is Ghetto Story.


Chris Martin is known for his slick vocals, very fit body, and visible bicep muscles. He is popular with women because of his suave, lover-boy nature.


With more than 30 years in the music industry, Mr. Boombastic continues to romance the ladies with his smooth vocals and lover-boy charm. He is versatile on the music front, releasing It Wasn’t Me as a top-tier cheater’s anthem and Strength Of A Woman as a symbol of female courage and love.


Closing off our top ten list is singer/deejay 450 who is known for his sweet boy appearance. His visuals, coupled with songs like Gyal Thief and Crawsis (featuring Shaneil Muir), makes him popular with women.

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