Lincoln 3Dot Speaks Out About The Cousin Jokes

Dancehall deejay Lincoln 3Dot, who initially was unbothered and laughing about the jokes surrounding what he referred to as a “family affair”, is not laughing anymore at the public’s reaction to his previous 3-years relationship with his cousin Starr Dawkins.

However, sharing another video with his fans, the social media personality spoke about how “disappointing” it is that his personal affairs were the subject of a news broadcast. He stated that while it was funny in the beginning when he was called “Soupy” and “Cuz Bwoy”, it surprised him that his relationship was a highlight in local news meanwhile Jamaica is facing a “real drug problem“ that was not being reported in the news.

“Di whole a di young people dem addicted to Ecstasy and Molly, mi nu see dat pan di news,” he said.

He continued saying the public loved “fuckry” but what everyone needed to speak about is the fact that everyone is slowly becoming drug addicts and Jamaica does not have the facility to handle the situation.

 “Mi deh a Jamaica the other day and come like mi was di only person weh nah tek Ecstasy or Molly. Mek we talk bout dat nu cuss, put dat pan di news cuss,” Lincoln stated.

Watch Lincoln address the jokes and memes below.

Here are some reactions to his video that was shared on ZJ Sparks Instagram page.

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