(1993) Shabba Ranks – Respect: A Dancehall Classic

With witty lyrics such as, “We nuh nurse wi nuh pet wi nuh dribbla wi nuh suda wi nuh powda,” ‘Respect’ is one of the standout songs in Shabba Ranks‘ huge catalogue of Dancehall hits. In the vibrant world of Dancehall music, few artistes command respect and authority like Shabba Ranks. His 1993 hit song titled ‘Respect‘ stands as both a demand and a celebration of reverence within the Dancehall community.

Produced by the renowned Clifton Dillon, the song encapsulates the essence of Shabba Ranks‘ commanding presence and the importance of acknowledging the pioneers and elders of Dancehall. Shabba Ranks, a two-time Grammy-winning figure in the genre, hailing from Seaview Gardens in Jamaica, has left an indelible mark on the global music scene.


Shabba who celebrated his most recent birthday in January is now 58 years old. While he now resides abroad, he still pays homage to his roots with periodic visits to Jamaica. ‘Respect‘ was released by Sony Music in the traditional vinyl format of a 7-inch single, a testament to its timelessness in the era of dancehall’s evolution.

Accompanying the song is its music video, a visual expression of Shabba Ranks‘ persona and the song’s theme. The video predominantly features Shabba within the confines of a building, both indoors and on a balcony overlooking what appears to be an urban setting. Notably, his attire and the visible breath vapour suggest a chilly atmosphere, enhancing the atmospheric quality of the visuals.

In the video, Shabba Ranks whose real name is Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon is portrayed in dark attire, adding to the serious and authoritative tone of the song. His presence exudes confidence and power, a reflection of his standing in the dancehall community. The choice of location and setting within the video amplifies the sense of urban grit and determination, mirroring the uncompromising stance conveyed in the song’s lyrics.

Respect‘ was featured on Shabba Ranks’ ‘Rough & Ready Volume 2 album‘, it’s one of the standout songs on the album. However, with regards to sales, ‘Rough & Ready Volume 2’ failed to reach the success of his earlier ‘X-tra Naked’ Album.

Watch the music video below:

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