Lincoln 3dot Broke Up With Starr After Finding Out They Are Cousins

Just recently, Starr, the ex-girlfriend of artiste/vlogger Lincoln 3Dot had an interview on The Fix and as was expected she revealed some information about her past relationship and why they broke up which immediately sent them trending on Twitter.

In the interview, Starr who is also a budding entertainer made it known that the main reason why she and Lincoln broke up was that they found out that they are cousins. One of the factors behind them finding out about the situation so late according to the former girlfriend of the popular social media figure is that she hardly communicates with her father while Lincoln lost his Dad. She also made it clear that it was 3Dot who did the breaking up and not her.


When asked by Naro one of the host on The Fix if she would have continued with the relationship, Starr gave an affirmative answer by asking him if he did not play dolly house with his cousins and do some things. Starr who is also popular for her “Cookie wash” product, was in 2018 chastised by the entertainer for always bringing their business on social media which might have triggered persons to believe that to be the reason behind the breakup which was proven to not be the case after the family secret came out.

On Twitter, one fan that goes by the handle @Gyalsina wrote that “Pon a real Starr shudda keep that pon a low stills, idk how true it is but just because people ask doesn’t mean you should tell” while another person who goes by the name @Rohnovic who comically questioned the revelation by writing “Lincoln 3Dot and starr was cousins ??” and following up with crying emojis.

As for Lincoln 3Dot, he responded to the situation in a video posted on his social media which saw him acknowledging the interview and showing an Instagram dm from a person calling him a “family ram”; however, he did not comment further on the matter.

Watch The Fix Interview with Starr revealing family ties between her and Lincoln 3dot below.

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