Bounty Killer Pays Respect to his “Idol” Shabba Ranks via Lengthy Statement

Seaview Gardens artiste Bounty Killer took to social media on Thursday to show respect to fellow Seaview Gardens artiste Shabba Ranks. The post, showing gratitude, comes on the heels of Shabba Ranks’ interview, in which he named several “General” in dancehall, however, the ‘5 star General’ was not mentioned.

Bounty Killer seemingly initially reacted to Shabba’s Interview with a social media post with an artiste singing “one General” repeatedly, he also made note of himself being the ‘One General’ in the caption of that post, saying, “streets a talk a nuh mi seh so get wid it or left is it.” However, a day later Bounty returns with a more peaceful post.


Along with his lengthy message to Shabba, he posted a video of himself and Beenie Man performing together at “SADDLE TO DI EAST” show in 1995. He also tagged Dexta Daps as a fellow Seaview artiste, highlighting that Dexta Daps preaches unity between the artistes from Seaview Gardens.

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Bounty Killer

He wrote, “My idol cannot be my rival mi nuh diss elders unless they comes at me directly so big up Shabba Ranks despite whatever he might’ve said but his action speaks way louder than his words bcuz what he had done for me and many other youths by impacting and inspiring us musically is immense.”

The statement continues, “I know that the fans are a bit disappointed to an extent with certain things being said but look at the positive side the first Visa I ever gotten 1993 was on shabba tours petition he might not even remember that so he can say anything and get a pass folks I respect and rate Shabba all my life.”

And, “so there’s ntn him or anybody can say or do to change that now plus Ms Christy is like a mother to me we all had our opinions but a one C-View as @dextadaps said so ego and petty feelings can’t mash it up Shabba had to be proud of me bcuz I’m a product of his inspiration as big as I can ever get Shabba will always be apart of my journey.”

Bounty Killer concludes the lengthy statement by saying, “can’t insult ur own my inspiration there’s no bad blood here at least for me so big up #mamachristie and @mamaivy I had ntn more to say about this situation stay positive folks🙏🏾🙏🏾 SADDLE TO DI EAST 1995 @kingbeenieman @theshabbaranks @1unogeneral.”

Check out his post below:

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