Mr. Vegas Tells Shabba That He Will Be ‘Rejected’ After Comments Shading Bounty Killer – Watch Video

Following Shabba Ranks’ controversial statement regarding who he considers to be a “General,” in Dancehall, the Dancehall veteran has been receiving lots of criticism.

The remark, which listed a few entertainers excluding Bounty Killer, even elicited a response from Bounty Killer. Bounty made it clear that he is, according to the people, the “One General.”


Amid the criticism, Shabba Ranks has now received a message from another Dancehall veteran Mr. Vegas, warning him to be careful of his words because the people will not choose him over Bounty Killer.

Mr. Vegas

“People respect you and rate you as the great deejay, Shabba Ranking, but you have no relevance on the ground when compared to people like Bounty Killer dem,” he said in a video. He added that Shabba Ranks has not been active in the industry with new songs, nor has he supported the people as much as Bounty Killer has.

He also indicated that since Shabba Ranks frequently leaves and takes years to return, like “some wukliss faddah weh just have a bagga pickney and run lef dem,” he does not have the support that Bounty Killer has.

“Yuh cyah get the same respect pan di grung. Worse yuh come round a throw shade, bredda, and yuh affi unda stand dat, Shabba Ranking. Yuh ego, weh yuh a use fi years bredrin, dat wear off, bredda…People ago rate yuh still fi yuh music,” Mr. Vegas continued.

Mr. Vegas added, “In terms of you a come come try throw shade at people and dem ting deh, dem nah go tek kindly to it, mi general…dem ago reject yuh, Shabba. Big man ting dem ago reject yuh.”

Watch the video of Mr. Vegas below:

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