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Mr. Vegas Says PM Holness Should not Re-Open Churches

Jamaican entertainer Mr. Vegas is requesting that Jamaica’s PM Andrew Holness not re-open the churches in Jamaica, stating that churches are not as import as other things that must be done. “doh open the church mister Prime Minister… ” Vegas suggests that Holness should open the schools instead, he argued that even dancehall should be open before churches are open because the churches will spread the coronavirus faster, he continued stating that Jamaican Christians cannot be contained when they get into spirit and “start spit”. “Di Holy ghost ago have them all over each other” Mr. Vegas suggests. Mr. Vegas who is known to speak out against Christian believes went further to say “so far the faith nah work.. nuh healer nuh heal nuh body” Vegas states that only doctors and scientists are working to stop the virus right now. “di church can wait till all next year… if dance …

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Mr. Vegas has This to say about “LIZARD” and Vybz Kartel Case

Mr. Vegas the dancehall artiste, spoke about the Vybz Kartel case and the people who talk about it, he finds the issue with the argument that Lizard was a bad man, a murderer and it doesn’t matter if he died. He believes artistes and men are to stop recruiting the youth to hurt people on their behalf. He doesn’t like this because as an artiste he wants to uplift the youth who would come close to him. He wants every man to see how responsible they are for the future of the youth and try to help them go back on the right track. He feels bad to see where Black people are and they just depend on the Government to do everything for them. When they need to do better as a people and start doing more to put young people on a good path so that they can …

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Mr. Vegas Lashes out Against Protoje, Here’s Why

mr. Vegas

Mr. Vegas said entertainers such as Buju Banton and Shaba Ranks are the generals in the Jamaican music business and Protoje should not speak out against him. Mr. says Protoje seems to believe that Buju didn’t help anyone, so he shouldn’t be talking about the state of the music business on the island. However, Vegas says whenever he is on tour and he doesn’t have a backing band, Buju would give him his band to perform with and he had meetings in his own studio with young artistes and talked to them. He says Protoje should both do his research and call a name because Rastas don’t throw shade, He believes Protoje is talking about Buju because it was not long after the award-winning star, did an interview wit ONSTAGE TV that Protoje made the remark on his twitter. Mr. Vegas said Buju has so many hit songs that even …

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Mr. Vegas Makes a Plea for Marion Hall to Return to Dancehall

Mr. Vegas the dancehall artiste who has had a lot of hit songs over the years, is now saying Marion Hall who is the former (Lady Saw, the Queen of the Dancehall who was converted to Christianity), to come back as she could be making a lot of money from her catalogue, so she should reclaim her dancehall crown. However, in a recent interview Marion Hall said she has been baptized in the river Jordan again and she is getting ready to set up her own church in Jamaica at this time. She has been travelling the world and her ministry is growing. She got a baptismal pool when she went to Canada and other persons in other parts of the world has given her things for her church. She also said the Lord is giving her sermons to preach and she went back to the Pastor who baptised her …

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Mr. VEGAS Calls For a “Purge” of Reggae Music… He wants more Koffee, Chronixx and Protoje type of Music [Video]

“People will leave all work and come dance… ” Vegas says if good music plays, people will turn up. “purge it… then we go back to roots music and rub a dub music” Mr. Vegas states that we need more music like Koffee, chronic, Protoje etc. He also went on to call for dance to be locked off at 12 in the night from 6-12 months. This attack seems to be aimed towards the young generation of dancehll artistes who are deejaying on mostly hip-hop riddims and not traditional dancehall or reggae type beats. Watch the full outburst below “Purge it Mr. Prime minister please…”.

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Mr. Vegas Blasted Ghanaian President Over $100 million Church

Mr. Vegas the controversial dancehall artiste blasted the Ghanaian President over what he speaks about as “foolish spending”. Nana Akufo Addo the Ghanaian President recently approved the construction of a church in his country, that will cost $100 million? However, President Nana Addo is building the Cathedral for his God “Jesus Christ” who he thanks for helping him to win the 2016 election, while Mr. Vegas is bringing it to the attention of his Instagram followers. “I want to bring something to your attention … President Nana Addo is building a $100 million cathedral dedicating it to his God, “Jesus Christ, that gave him victory in the 2016 election.” He wrote. The dancehall artiste believes the President should build a historical museum, where people who were taken out of Africa and Africans who are still there can go and learn about black history and all that was stolen from Africa. …

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Mr. Vegas and Minister Marion Hall Clash Online over “Blood Of Jesus” Statement

Minister Marion Hall formerly known as Lady Saw conductied a fiery performance a couple days ago where by she pasionately calls for “the blood of Jesus” to cover everyone at the venue including the pomoter. The video has since gone viral with many persons stating that she had lost her mind, Fellow entertainer Mr. Vegas went public with his thoughts on the matter which did not settle too well with Minister Hall and her supporters. Marian Hall Posted the the video below with the following caption “When God Takes Over My Concert, and Starts Talking To His People.The Blood” , “The Blood, IF It Wasn’t For The Blood,Where Would I Be. Hallelujah”   View this post on Instagram   “Mi A Tell Yu”…When God Take Over Your Concert…”Hallelujah” “Hallelujah”… “Hallelujah” @carlenedavismusic @dempiremanagement A post shared by MARION HALL -Formerly LADY SAW (@ministermarionhall) on May 29, 2019 at 12:57pm PDT See …

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Controversial dancehall artiste Mr Vegas, who had a drama-filled 2018, says that he’s working on himself both spiritually and mentally, and that he will be reducing his intense social media presence, which he admits that in recent times has overshadowed his music. He went on to state that “I need to have a balance so that the music does not die. Music is my first priority, so you will all be seeing less of me.” Said to vocal dancehall artiste, who has made a name for himself in the social media world as a blogger of some sorts. Recently, the Bruk it down DJ, threw out a question to his followers, asking them to tell him whether or not he should continue with his weekly discourse on various topics, among them his pet peeve, Christianity, or if he should just concentrate on his music. In an interview last Monday, Mr …

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