Mr. Vegas Calls Out Mark Golding to Reveal His Citizenship Status – Watch Video

Saturday, May 18, 2024, 10:11 AM GMT-5

Dancehall veteran Mr. Vegas has called the leader of the People’s National Party (PNP), Mark Golding, a hypocrite for initially opposing dual citizenship for members of Jamaica’s People’s National Party (JLP) while reportedly being a citizen of England.

In a new video, Mr. Vegas urged Mark Golding to explain himself and reveal his citizenship status. Kickstarting the video, Mr. Vegas stated that he is being targeted online because he has been speaking out against the leader of the opposition.

Regardless, he questions where Mark Golding stands on Jamaica becoming a republic.

“Now Mark Golding is saying that he is for dual citizenship. Is this the same Mark Golding, PNP party, that was against dual citizenship to the point where they took the JLP members who won their seats to court so they have to renounce their citizenship to serve the Jamaican people?” Mr. Vegas asked.

He went on to add that the members who renounced their citizenship are the “true patriots.”  “Now you want dual citizenship; why? Are you a British citizen? Are you a citizen of Britain?” he asked, noting that a subject of the King (a citizen of Britain) cannot represent a republican country.

Mr. Vegas suggested that Mark Golding should either renounce his British citizenship or step aside so someone else can represent the country.

Watch the video of Mr. Vegas below:

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