Mr. Vegas And Dexta Daps Squash Beef; Vegas Tells Story How They Made Peace On A Plane

Saturday, June 1, 2024, 10:06 AM

While walking on a treadmill, ‘Heads High‘ deejay Mr. Vegas told a lengthy story about how he and Dexta Daps squash their feud after not seeing eye to eye for a while. Back in 2023, Dexta Daps joined the long list of entertainers sending lyrical disses aimed at the dancehall veteran.

The ‘Breaking News‘ singer was seen in a video disrespecting the veteran singjay. Last year, Dexta stated, ”Bomboclaat this, Gaygas! Gaygas! Me fi clash Gaygas? A weh the bombo rassclaat this, a madness this, me want piece a deh war deh?”


It’s widely believed that Dexta Daps dissed Mr. Vegas in defence of fellow Seaview Gardens artiste Bounty Killer. At the time, Bounty Killer and Mr. Vega were embroiled in an online feud that turned lyrical.

In his latest live chat Mr. Vegas expressed that he has always been a fan of Dexta Daps and felt some type of way when he was insulted online by the young singer, “Mi think seh it did un-call-for… Me and Dexta neva good because a the likkle thing with killa” says Mr. Vegas.

Mr. Vegas talks Dexta Daps

“Mi and yuh nuffy have nutt’n bro because yuh a one of the best singers Jamaica has ever seen… me is a major fan of yo work bro,” Vegas states before outlining that he’s glad he made peace with the singer.

While singing praises to Dexta Daps, Mr. Vegas also compared him to Barrington Levy with regards to his singing prowess, however, went on to point out that he is still in a lyrical feud with I-Octane and Tu-lox of Twin of Twins because they also started a feud with him when that should not have been the case.

How Mr. Vegas and Dexta Daps Ended Their Feud?

According to Mr. Vegas, while on a plane, he saw fellow Jamaican artiste Luciano who he is good friend with, Mr. Vegas says while greeting ‘The Messenger’ he shouted, “wah gwaan big singa?”, however, Luciano did not hear him and coincidentally Dexta Daps was entering the “vicinity” at the same time.

As per Mr. Vegas, Dexta heard the kind words and thought he was referring to him, in response, Mr. Vegas says Dexta Daps greeted him and said “yeah man singa yuh done know enuh, respect all the time.”

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“Mi did shock,” says Vegas with regards to Dexta Daps greetings, “Look how Dexta Daps and me now just come to nice peaceful resolution… all the bad vibe, all the bad energy died right there.”

Mr. Vegas went on to detail that a similar event could happen between himself and Bounty Killer whereby he’s hailing Beenie Man and Bounty Killer thought he was hailing him. He also jokingly expressed how Bounty Killer might have hailed him back and asked him where he was going.

The video of Dexta daps explaining himself was shared on YouTube by RIC LIVESTREAM.

Watch the video below:

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