Tony Matterhorn Scolds Kraff on What to do and What Not to do During Police Stop – Watch Video

Dancehall artiste Kraff received a lengthy scolding from popular selector Tony Matterhorn about his run-in with the law on Wednesday.

The deejay was arrested after being stopped in traffic by the police. His course of action after being stopped, which included a heated altercation with the police, was the worst way to go about the situation, according to Tony Matterhorn.


In a video, Tony Matterhorn noted, “The street police dem, most a dem jealous. Always remember that… You may name Kraff, but you nuh have craft like di police dem. Yuh have to be smart.”

He continued by emphasising that Kraff should be smart in order to “out-craft” the police and added that he was not acting smart when the incident occurred.

While the reason why Kraff was stopped by the police is still unclear, Tony Matterhorn expressed that he believes the popular entertainer was stopped due to his “high-end vehicle,” but more particularly because of the blue license plate on his vehicle.

Matterhorn later stated that a blue license plate is used by car dealerships and not by an ordinary individual.

Later in the video, he stated that Kraff wrongfully flashed his hand away from the police and should not have used gesticulation or pulled up his pants, both of which could have escalated the situation.

Watch the video of Tony Matterhorn below:

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