Cardi B Calls Lincoln 3Dot a “Big Dummy” and Says “I wish he try to sue cause he gon’ lose bad” – Watch Video

Cardi B has apparently addressed the allegations surrounding the familiar sound that her new single, Bongos, has compared to that of Lincoln 3Dot’s 2021 song, Bang. The rapper’s reaction to the allegations is not rubbing Jamaicans the right way, and it now seems like many people are rooting for Lincoln 3Dot to take legal action.

The dancehall deejay had expressed his desire to handle the matter through the court with producer Track Starr, who created the beat of Bang, since he believes that the beat was sampled in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s Bongos collaboration.


Lincoln did, however, place the blame solely on Cradi’s producer, James D. Steed, who created Bongos rhythm and whom Lincoln says knows Track Starr and follows him on Instagram.

While the producer might know of the deejay, Cardi B has denied knowing Lincoln or Bang. Not only that, she reportedly called Lincoln a “big dummy” for saying that she copied the beat. This was revealed in a circulating video that contains a recording of her speaking with someone about the issue.

“I’ve never heard of him; I’ve never heard of that song…Bong Bong Bong Bong… It’s Brazilian funk… so yall saying that, you look so stupid cause you really there copying somebody else’s culture, and you don’t realize that. You dummy, big dummy,” she said during the recording.

The rapper added, “I wish he try to sue cause he gon’ lose bad.”

Watch the video and listen recording of Cardi below:


The video with the voice recording of her speaking about the matter has attracted a lot of negative responses. One person expressed, “This dunce gal a call ppl dummy. Yo it noh matter who more famous or who richer. We all have our own ears to hear.”

Another individual said, “I don’t like her calling the man a “dum*my”. That’s why mi nuh frighten fi nooo foreign ppl enuh because most a dem a fuck3ry.”

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