Cardi B Throws Mic AGAIN, This Time at DJ – Watch Video

Cardi B has once again hurled another microphone at someone. The American rapper has gone viral in a new video that shows her throwing a microphone hours after she did the same thing to a person who threw their drink at her.

The new target that Cardi B was aiming her microphone at is reported to be the DJ at the club where she was performing. It is said that the Bodak Yellow hitmaker was at the end of her set when she hurled the mic.

The circulating video shows Cardi on stage in a short yellow dress. While the crowd cheered, she shouted her name over the mic before making a sharp turn and throwing it.

Watch the video of Cardi B below:


While it was clear that the first time she threw the mic was in retaliation for the drink that was thrown, her second microphone toss has left viewers questioning her reason for taking a second go at it.

The video has garnered over 18.8 million views and amassed more than 47,0000 likes since being shared on X, formally known as Twitter, yesterday.

In reaction to the video, one viewer asked, “Why she keep throwing that damn mic mane?” Another said, “I think it’s part of the choreography,” and a third person tweeted, “New promo strategy.”

See comments below:

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