“Somebody splash me with water” Cardi B Begged Fans To Get Her Wet Amidst Heat!! Moments Before Drink Toss – Watch Video

Over the weekend, videos emerged of rapper Cardi B throwing a mic at a member of her audience who tossed drinks at her while she was on stage.

Much was not reported about the moments leading up to the viral moment until today after additional videos are released of the Bodak Yellow rapper urging patrons to get her wet because the heat was crazy on stage.

“Throw me some water here bitch I’m hot […] I need some fucking water […] Somebody splash me with water bitch,” she even went as far as turning backways and urging the crowd to, “wet that p**sy up bitch.”

In fact, she did urge the crowd to get her wet on multiple occasions. She even laughed while getting wet initially.

“Gimi some water,” she requested at one point as the Dj told the crowd, “Splash her down”.

Watch below:


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