Cardi B Flings Mic at Person in Crowd Who Threw Drink on Her – Watch Video

Videos of Cardi B throwing a mic at an audience member are currently making rounds online, Cardi B has also reacted to the incident.

Footages surfaced Saturday night, showing Cardi B Performing at an event when a patron decided to throw a cup of drink at her.

Cardi B seemed shocked as she was dozed with the beverage, however, in a split second she retaliated, throwing the mic she had in hand at the same person.

She also proceeded to curse-out the person, however, she was not audible because of the noise around as the incident took place.

Cardi B herself has reacted to the incident by retweeting the video to her over 30 million followers on Twitter, the caption of the video says, “Jealous Ass Bitch!”. Seemingly it was a female who throw the drink on her.

She also Tweeted the following, “WATER AND GAS INCLUDED …Literally #Jealousy,” after the incident.

Watch the viral video below:


One person watched and commented, “Surprised offset ain’t come out of nowhere wit the falcon punch,” while another said, “deserved.”

See another angel of the incident below:

Over the years we have seen artistes being struck by objects thrown at them while performing, however, most artistes do not retaliate. Notably, Drake was struck by a cell phone while performing at a show in June, he did not strike back while on stage nor cut the show short like a lot of artistes usually do when attacked.

Locally, Malie Don did similar action as Cardi B after he was also struck while performing in Ocho Rios in July.

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