Cardi B Listed as Suspect in Battery Incident After Throwing Mic Into Crowd

Following the altercation between Cardi B and a drink-throwing patron at an event in Las Vegas, USA, the rapper has been reportedly listed as a suspect in a battery report to the police.

Amid a series of reports of patrons throwing things at entertainers on stage, at times physically harming them, a clip of Cardi B dealing with her own confrontation went viral on social media. The Bodak Yellow rapper was performing at Drai’s Beachclub in Vegas when a female patron threw the contents of her cup directly at her.

A furious Cardi B retaliated by throwing her microphone at the woman in the crowd, who was quickly escorted away by security. It was later alleged by a woman that she had been hit by the microphone thrown by the artiste at the perpetrator.

According to reports from TMZ, the incident was reported to Las Vegas Metro PD the next day by one of the women in the crowd, who said that she was hit by the microphone. It is not yet clear if it was the perpetrator who threw the drink at Cardi B who made the report.

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Following the report to Vegas Metron, Cardi B has now been listed as a suspect for Battery. Multiple videos from the event have been circulating online, including one from the woman who said she was hit. But it is not clear if the item indeed accidentally ricocheted and hit her.

On the other hand, several other videos have surfaced of Cardi B urging patrons to get her wet because she was hot on stage.

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