Woman Fakes 5-Y-O Daughter’s Disappearance After Starving Her to Death in Florida – Video Report

Footage obtained from the murder investigation of 5-year-old Taylor Williams reveals her mother’s attempts to conceal her death from the police under the guise of a disappearance.

Brianna Shontae Williams had recently moved to a house in Jacksonville, Florida, when she reported her daughter missing to the police. Audio recorded during Williams’ 911 call reveals the former Navy chief petty officer breaking down as she tells a dispatcher that she cannot find her daughter.


Police body camera footage also showed William’s crying as she spoke to an officer sent to the house in November 2019. Unusually, in additional body-cam footage of individuals from the neighbourhood who were questioned by police, officers were told that Williams had not been seen with a child.

As the investigation into Taylor’s disappearance continued, detectives found several irregularities in William’s story, and she soon became a suspect. Investigators would later conduct an intensive search of Williams’ old apartment, where they found faeces and stains from human remains.

After investigators tracked her movements using phone records and her car’s GPS, Taylor’s remains were found in a shallow grave in Alabama. The 5-year-old’s death was later determined to be “the consequence of starvation.”

Learn more in the video report below.

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