10 Most Attractive Male Reggae Artistes Right Now – See Photos

Reggae Music is known to be prevalent not only in Jamaica but in other countries that have fallen in love with our culture and lifestyle. Some male Reggae artistes have done a splendid job of keeping up their physical appearance, especially with how hard it is to maintain dread locs. Many of such male reggae singers are loved for their physical appearance just as much as they are loved for their music.

Most of these entertainers sport the dread locs hairstyle which normally allows the hair to grow at a rapid pace, and the style is usually heavy and takes a lot of effort to maintain.

The top ten list below was made with no particular order in mind. These are some of the most attractive men in Reggae below.

This top ten list was curated by yardhype.com, in July 2023.


A product of Reggae legend Bob Marley and Cindy Breakspeare, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley became a highly desired light-coloured-skin rasta man in Jamaica, one of the most desired of his generation. His clean style of dressing and well-maintained hair made him popular with those of the opposite sex.


Protoje is another high-coloured Reggae artiste that, along with his soft-sounding voice, draws a lot of attention from the ladies.


Chronixx is an inspiring entertainer who spits conscious lyrics and his smooth, dark complexion and relatable songs make him a crowd favourite.


With his bright smile and a voice that sounds very much like his father’s (Bob Marley) Ziggy Marley captures his audience with his simple dress style and nostalgic-sounding tones.


This entertainer has a more modern take on his fashion sense and grooming style. Gyptian styles his dreads along with modern trends and dresses more on the casual side when compared to others on the list. However, he is also known for his sexier side, which is when he displays his abs and fit body.


Skip Marley, Bob and Rita Marley’s grandson is known for his handsome face and being very well groomed, whether with clothes or facial hair. He is also popular with females because of his sculpted jawline.


Self-proclaimed hot boy, I-Octane prides himself on being well-dressed for any occasion and is usually dressed in brand-named clothing and jewellery. He also changes his hairstyle frequently.


Most women like their men with a few tattoos, and Tarrus Riley delivers more than his fair share with arms and legs that are decorated with various tattoos. His large body stature and talent for making great love songs make him a favoured candidate for women.


A veteran in the industry, Buju Banton is a favourite choice of more mature women and his natural, heartwarming smile is a huge part of his appeal.


Finishing our list, Jacob Hemphill is the lead singer of an all-male reggae band called SOJA (situated in the United States), and although they have little influence in Jamaica, Jacob is popular for his pretty dread locs and his unique vocals. 

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