10-Y-O Killed by a Group of Monkeys in India

A ten-year-old boy from India was violently attacked by a group of rampaging monkeys, with one of the animals ripping out his intestines.

Dangerous incidents between humans and monkeys are not uncommon in India, with the boy’s village, Salki, experiencing multiple attacks by what was described as a violent and notorious gang of monkeys.


Reports state that the victim, Dipak Thakor, was playing with his friends when the troop of monkeys attacked him. One of the primates dug his claws into him and tore out his intestines.

Thakor was first rushed to his house and then to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Thakor’s attack was the third attack by monkeys within a week at the village.

There have been attempts to hunt down and capture the violent troop that is said to be large and contain four adults, but only a few of the deadly animals have been caught so far.

Among the captured monkeys are two langurs that were caught in the past week. Cages have been placed to catch a third langur.

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