10-Year-Old Girl Hailed As SuperHero After Saving 3-Year-Old Cousin From Drowning

Sunday, September 5, 2021, 8:57 PM

10-year-old Parissa Samuels is being hailed as a hero as she miraculously saved her 3-year-old cousin from drowning at their home.

According to the Jamaica Observer who brought the story, the incident happened on August 29, after the little girl by the name of Nicholea Thompson and her cousin Pierce-Neyo Samuels had strayed to the poolside at their home however, upon looking at the house cameras Parissa’s mother, Nekeisha Jacobs-Samuels realized that Nicholea had fallen backwards in the pool.


Luckily for the 3-year-old, Parissa was close and jumped right into the pool upon realizing the the situation, she swam to the bottom of the pool and brought up her cousin who had also appeared lifeless for a bit.

Parissa’s Grandmother, Mavis Samuels who was at the house at the time, immediately ran out to fetch her granddaughter after noticing the traumatic scene, whereafter she went to the gate screaming for help.

The neighbours were quickly alerted and quickly rushed over with one of them by the name of Renee Facey applying CPR to the child while another by the name of Mr Rohan English volunteered his car to take the little girl to the hospital.

While on their way to the Cornwall Regional hospital, the reports are that the CPR that was applied to the youngster worked and she spat out the water she had intake and regained consciousness.

While at the hospital Nicholea was given Oxygen tests and other examinations to see if her lungs were freed up. The child was then discharged a day after in a good condition.

The save was immaculate and it seems as if Parissa is making a name for herself where saving others is concerned as this is the second time she had done another child the favour, just last year while she was training for swimming at Wespow Park, a similar occurrence happened where she ended up saving the life of a youngster.

The 10-year old who hopes to be a professional swim trainer and Tv host told the Jamaica Observer who covered the story, that she is happy about the fact that her cousin could have gotten back to a conscious state.

The incident seemed to have jolted Parissa’s mother to shock in wake of the great save by her daughter said that parents should ensure that their children learn to swim so that they will be able to save their own lives and others, whilst always keeping a watchful eye on them to keep them away from danger.

She also said that it is important to be a good neighbour because, in the case of emergencies, there would be no issue for you to get a helping hand.

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