100k Causes Woman To Get Pregnant For Father’s “Good” Friend

November 10, 2021

There have been many crazy stories in the past about women who have had some unique experiences where pregnancy is concerned, and today we are going to share one such story that might shock you to the extreme. The story was taken from the “Tell Me Pastor” column, in the Jamaica Star and it tells a tale about a 23-year-old woman who got pregnant by one of her Father’s good friends for $100,000.

The situation according to the article finds the female telling the columnists that her father is unaware of the fact that his friend was the one who got her pregnant as he thinks it is his daughter’s boyfriend who did it.


The female telling the story also said that her boyfriend does not know who the father is either, as she told him that the child was his. In a shocking turn of events, she said her partner made a personal analysis of the situation and concluded that the child could not be his since the two were not sexually active at the time the doctor said she got pregnant.

The female said she went on to tell her boyfriend that she did not sleep with anyone else however, she eventually realized his lack of trust in her which she does not mind, since she knows what she did. The story goes that she had sex with her Father’s friend when he visited their house on a day she was alone. According to her, the two were talking and she began to express her needs to him which led to him inquiring into her personal life to find out if her boyfriend helps her, which she told him yes but not enough.

After touching on other topics, the female said the man asked her how much money she required which she told him to be $100,000 which she stated would be used to take care of her father and herself.

She went on to express her wild experience by stating that her father’s friend went on to ask her if there was something he could get in return for the money which she curiously asked about. The story goes on with the woman telling the pastor that the man went on to ask for sex which she told him would not be a problem, but did not think he was serious.

After telling her that she would need to keep her mouth shut, the female telling the story said the man had told her he would return when she was alone, which he did with the $100,000. According to the story, as told by the woman, her father’s friend came and they went into her room but in a twist of events, told him she had changed her mind for which he asked her why she had let him withdraw the money when she knew she would be changing her mind.

The female then said the man showed her the money and tried to kiss her and she pulled away, which turned him off and caused him to let her know he was leaving however, at the very moment he said that she explained how needy she was for the money, so she decided to remove her underwear, inviting him in for sex.


The woman said she and her father’s friend had sex for half an hour before she started to cry, causing him to leave. The story goes on to tell how she later discovered she was pregnant, ignorant of the fact that the man did not use a condom with her.

Currently, the female says her boyfriend is still unaware of who the father is, and her father continues to think that her boyfriend got her pregnant. As for her father’s friend he had advised her to keep her mouth shut however, he will ensure that he supports the child. What would you do if you got caught in a situation like this?.



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