11 People Shot At Portmore Party

Saturday, October 31, 2020, 7:05 PM

An investigation is currently ongoing into the shooting of 11 people in Old Braeton, Portmore, in the parish of St. Catherine.

The incident took place at a party that was said to be against the disaster management rules, set by the government.


Reports are that a Portmore patrol team was in the Old Braeton area when they saw a group of cars parked in a churchyard.

After embarking on an investigation of the compound, It was noticed there was no noise and so they proceeded to do a complete search of the area when, on entering Brown’s lane, they heard an explosion and saw people running in different directions.

It was discovered that 11 people were shot, leaving 3 of them in critical conditions and one dead. The police said they were not responsible for the shooting.

The deceased was identified as Kemar Tummings, otherwise known as Day and Night and was also said to allegedly be a top tier member of Tesha Miller’s Clansman gang.

One of the critically injured, whose name Is Marcus Smith, is also said to allegedly be a well-known member of Miller’s gang.

Smith, was also wanted in connection with murder by the St. Catherine, North division Police.

The Police took the window of opportunity to remind the public of the curfew set by the government, and that it remains in steady effect from 9 pm to 5 am until November 16.

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