12 reasons to eat healthy food

Sport, proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle – today it is like a new religion. Many people buy subscriptions to fitness clubs, post pictures of healthy food dishes on the Internet. For some, all this is just a fashion trend. For others, it is a way of life. Why should you switch to a healthy diet? Here are twelve reasons why you should eat right.

Eat right to lose weight
Looking for a diet? No problem! There is a whole sea of ​​them on the Internet. But no matter how sophisticated they are, they are all built on the same principle: eat less – weigh less. Probably, almost everyone who faced the problem of being overweight and wanted to lose weight (and I’m sure the majority of them) thought: “I will suffer for two or three weeks, but then I can eat whatever I want!” And now the unbearable time of one buckwheat / green vegetables / kefir / soups ends (and, more often than not, earlier than the set deadlines), and now it is impossible to refuse tasty, but forbidden food until this moment. As a result, the quickly dropped kilograms return, sometimes in double the size. And then again diet, restrictions, breakdowns, bad mood … A vicious circle.

Proper nutrition is not a diet, it is a balanced diet. Force yourself to eat right! By including complex carbohydrates, proteins, the right fats, fruits, vegetables in your menu, by planning your menu and distributing meal times, you will not only be able to lose weight, you will always feel full. The main thing is to adhere to the following principles:

  • Be sure to have breakfast! In the morning, our body wakes up and it just needs to replenish its energy reserves. Breakfast should be the largest meal of the day. Combine complex carbohydrates (cereals), proteins (cottage cheese, eggs, cheese), fats (oil, avocados, nuts) in it, allow yourself fruit, honey, a couple of slices of dark chocolate in the morning. Can’t have breakfast in the morning? Train yourself!
  • Lunch should include complex carbohydrates (cereals: rice, buckwheat, millet; pasta from durum wheat; whole grain bread), proteins (meat, fish, mushrooms, eggs, cottage cheese) and vegetables, because they are an irreplaceable source of fiber.
  • Enjoy your dinner as easy as possible! But this does not mean that dinner is a glass of kefir. He, kefir, just might be after dinner. The ideal evening meal is protein and fiber. Omelet with vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, vegetable salad, cottage cheese – combine these products and enjoy! By the way, after such an unhealthy dinner, the likelihood that you wake up hungry in the morning will increase several times.
  • Snack between meals to avoid feeling hungry. In the first half of the day it can be fruits and dried fruits, then nuts, cottage cheese, kefir, cheesecakes, curd casserole.
  • Drink water and be sure to start your day with a glass of water!

Observing these simple rules, you will immediately see the effect: the extra pounds will gradually go away. But if you want to achieve maximum results, calculate your daily calorie intake using the formula:


If your goal is to lose weight, just subtract 200-300 calories from this number and then schedule your diet, counting your every meal and snack. There are many programs on the Internet that count how many calories are in foods.

Sticking to Proper Nutrition Helps Gain Muscle Mass
Increasing muscle mass is an urgent problem not only for men. It is wrong to think that if a person eats a lot and does not recover, then he can do everything in unlimited quantities. Fast food, shop sweets with margarine and dubious additives, sausages, sugary drinks, flour – all this affects the quality of your body. Want loose skin? Please don’t think about your diet. Do you want to have a slim figure? You already know the answer.

Reasons to Eat Healthy If your goal is to increase your muscle size, follow the same principles as described in the first paragraph with only one change – increase your daily calorie intake by including complex carbohydrates in your diet. Add them to your dinner and snacks. For example, a tasty and satisfying snack will be a sandwich made from whole grain bread, chicken breast, cheese, experiment with vegetables! More about healthy properties of different kinds of foods you can read at Healthy Food Near Me

Always be in shape!

Calculate using the above formula how many calories you need to consume per day and based on this amount, schedule your diet. Remember, this number is your norm! Thanks to a properly composed menu, you will not feel hungry and will always be in shape! Even if there is no sport in your life for some reason. Remember that 80% of your success comes from nutrition, and the remaining 20% ​​comes from physical activity.

Health comes first

Frequent colds are a consequence of an unbalanced diet. Eat more vegetables, fruits, do not starve, and you will forget what constant malaise and headaches are.

Forget about digestive problems

An irregular diet always leads to digestive problems. Do you constantly suffer from heaviness in the stomach? Try oatmeal for breakfast, drink kefir in the evening, consume more fiber and forget the names of many pills.

Good Sleeping

Sleep is the most important component of the normal life of our body. 7-8 hours of sleep per day is considered the norm for an adult. But who is not familiar with the situation: you go to bed on time, you cannot sleep for a long time, you periodically wake up and, as a result, you feel depressed in the morning.

And often it is not only psychological reasons that are to blame. In the evening after a hard day at work, many of us compensate for our tiredness with food. And it would be fine if everything would end with a dense, but not late dinner. Sweets with tea, numerous carbohydrate snacks load our body so much that it simply cannot sleep normally.

Want to sleep soundly, wake up in a good mood, and feel great all day? Forget about heavy evening meals.

External effect

Remember that we are what we eat. Any internal disturbance in the body is immediately reflected in our appearance. Are you afraid of fat? Forget beautiful hair and fresh skin. Eat low calcium-rich foods? Don’t expect strong nails.

Fast recovery

If you play sports, you know how important it is to recover quickly after exercise. Proper nutrition and long, restful sleep help us “come to our senses” faster after playing sports and after a hard day at work.

No depression!

Proper nutrition Are you in a bad mood, constant fatigue, there is no desire to develop, improve and do something not only for others, but also for yourself? Follow the principles of good nutrition and eat more vitamin-rich foods that will fill you with energy and desire to live. And external self-improvement is the best motivation to continue moving forward along the intended path. It is impossible to be in a bad mood when you see positive changes and your reflection in the mirror makes you happy!

No breakdowns and claims to yourself

It’s no secret that food is one of the sources of human pleasure. But, having eaten something harmful, we often begin to reproach ourselves for what we have done, and the momentary pleasure immediately evaporates with incredible speed, leaving behind only claims to ourselves and our willpower. Eating balanced and complete, distributing your regime and not forgetting to eat often, you will stop being frustrated.

However, never forget that you are not on a diet. And with such a lifestyle, there is a place for periodic joys. Allow yourself sometimes your favorite dishes and live with pleasure!

Eat tasty

Don’t think of good nutrition as a permanent limitation. The main thing is to learn how to make the right choice. Instead of dairy, take black chocolate, instead of buying factory cookies, bake healthy and tasty oatmeal at home. Buy fruits, dried fruits, nuts, coconut, poppy seeds, seeds and add them to cottage cheese, natural yogurt, morning porridge. Make delicious marinade for meat and healthy sauces for meat and salads. Do not eat what you do not like, do not copy the diet of others, but create your ideal one.

Eating right is inexpensive!

One of the most widespread myths of proper nutrition: “It’s expensive!” If those who spread it meant seafood, exotic fruits, expensive meats and red fish, then it is pointless to argue. But cereals, durum wheat pasta, potatoes, carrots, onions, seasonal vegetables, chicken, eggs, fish, dairy products are available to everyone. Fast food, sodas, store sweets, sweets, sausages – eliminate all of this from your diet, replace them with healthy foods and homemade cakes and compare which turned out to be more expensive? In addition, it is much better to adjust your diet today than buying pills tomorrow.

Do not save on yourself and your health. Eat right and feel great!

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