12 Ways to Meet a Girl

You don’t need to be a superhero or movie star in order to learn easily to get acquainted and seduce girls. But it is not enough just to learn how to communicate with ease. You still need to know some basic rules of pick-up that work in any situation. Casanovastyle.com recommend following the tips below, which can make it easier to get acquainted with any girl in any situation.

Best ways to meet girls

  1.   Any girl will be very pleased if a nice young man talks to her. This is the best way to meet girls. You just have to speak, but not try to pick up her.
  2.   Before talking to a girl, it is advisable to let her see you. Don’t jump out of somewhere with your desire to get acquainted. It can scare her. Do it so that she pays her attention to you and see you well. Look at her as if by accident. It is very good if you can smile at a girl, ingratiating her on a subconscious level before the beginning of communication.
  3.   If she smiles back and even fixes her hair or shows other signs of obvious interest, then you can start a conversation. It should allow you to get her phone number.
  4.   One of the good ways to meet a girl is to start communicating with a compliment, which must be sincere and original. Praise her hair or say something like: “The color of your handbag is very cool. It looks just great”.
  5.   One of the good ways to meet girls and start communication is simply to look around and notice something interesting, commenting on it. Everything should be natural and the topic for a conversation between two people who are not yet familiar should proceed from the surrounding situation. Admire the beauty of the yellowing leaves, look at some poster, ask her impressions about a film, a play, find out her opinion, her preferences, admire the fact that she is so versed in a topic.
  6.   The phrases like: “We argued with a friend…”, “How do you think who lies more – a man or a woman?”, “I need your female opinion on such a question…” will be nice. Or if you met her in the store: “Hello, this is the first time I’m buying something here and I want to ask you for advice!” and so on.
  7.   The worst phrase for dating is “Hi, I like you”. Show a fantasy! After all, you’re just a great, cute, interesting, and extraordinary guy! Of course, you can certainly use home preparations, but it’s always much better to improvise.
  8.   Don’t delay the first conversation. Tell her that you need to run for some urgent business, but you really would like to continue communicating with such a nice conversationalist. Ask for her phone number, choose the time and place for the next meeting.
  9.   You can get acquainted everywhere: in transport, on the street, in shopping centers, cafes, clubs or libraries. At the same time, it doesn’t matter whether she goes alone, sits with friends or walks with her mother.
  10.  And most importantly – don’t be afraid to come up and start a conversation! It is better to do and regret if not everything turns out as you wanted, than not to do and regret that you didn’t even try to do it. Even if the acquaintance doesn’t work out, there will be just a positive moment – it’s another experience!
  11.  Don’t be shy in a conversation and be confident in yourself. A girl can give a phone not immediately. She can say something like: “I don’t get acquainted on the street!”, but don’t get lost and say: “Me too! Let‘s go to a cafe and get acquainted there!”
  12.  You can also imagine that you are playing with her in some theatrical performance. And your role is to interest the girl.

And the most important thing is getting practical experience. Communication experience is the best assistant. What is the best way to meet a girl? Try to get acquainted everywhere. In time, you will be surprised how simple and interesting it can be! Casanovastyle.com

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