12-year-old ‘Alena’ is Ready for COLLEGE, To Study Mechanical Engineering and DOUBLE Major in Chemistry

Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Alena Analeigh is on her way to changing the way girls think about these subjects. Her passion for engineering is years in the making and she wants to show the world that there could be a group of young girls who can excel in the field of STEM.

She believes in her dream and now she is on track to achieving her goals. The Texas 12-year-old will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering and a double major in Chemistry.

Alena hopes to change the fact that many girls are not seen in STEM jobs, and she plans to change that by showing young girls that there can be a group of girls who excel in the fields of stem without anyone telling them they can’t do it.

The African American girl says she made a dream and she will make it happen. She wants to pave the way for others, so they can excel in the field of STEM. Shantana White an African American teenager, believes Alena Analeigh will motivate her to be a better person one day and she is now a part of “Brown Stem Girls” which is the group that Alena formed, it provides learning activity for young girls of colour.

Analeigh is driven by a dream of reaching the stars. She has already caught the attention of NASA and plans to have a job there in the future. She loves the way humans are still trying to learn about what is happening in space. Check out her story in the video below.

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