13-Foot Alligator Found Carrying Human Corpse in Florida – Watch Report

Saturday, September 23, 2023, 2:52 PM

A massive 13-foot alligator was captured in Pinellas County, Florida after the animal was spotted carrying the remains of a deceased adult in its mouth.



According to reports, the alligator was spotted by a witness, Jamarcus Bullard, who was looking into the lake for fish while passing by. Bullard said he saw the lower torso of a human in the alligator’s mouth, but at first, thought it may have been a mannequin.

Bullard immediately alerted the local fire department, and it was confirmed that the remains were human. The fire department and a boys and girls club for children were in close proximity to where the alligator was spotted.

In a video taken from the scene, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office deputies and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officers can be seen at the lake with the captured alligator. The alligator, which measured 13 feet 8.5 inches, was removed from the area via a flatbed tow truck and killed humanely.

The body of the deceased adult was removed from the lake, and an investigation is underway. An autopsy will be conducted by the medical examiner’s office to determine the cause of the person’s death.

Watch the report below.


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