13-Year-Old Boy Dies With Another In A St. Mary Truck Crash

Sunday, October 18, 2020, 3:49 PM

Reports are that a truck on route to Kingston from Annotto Bay on a contract operation to deliver drinks, tragically fell off a bridge killing two people who were in the vehicle.

Dead are Jordan Bowen, a 13 years old and 56-year-old Lancelot Wilson.

Jordan Bowen

It is said that while approaching the bridge located on the Devon Pen main road, situated over the Wag water river, about 10 pm on Friday, the truck hit a wall structure after which the driver lost control of the vehicle which then ran over into the river, hitting some rocks that were in the water.

Both persons in the vehicle were found deceased as they did not survive the multiple injuries that were inflicted upon them due to the impact.

A relationship is not clear between Jordan and Lancelot, however, the police are currently investigating the matter to get more information on the two males.

Family members of the Juvenile are already expressing grief upon hearing the news as an uncle of the teenager posted on social media stating disbelief of what happened and wishing his nephew a peaceful rest.

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