13-year-old Boy Kills 8 Students and Guard In Planned Attack at Serbian School – Watch Report

Serbia’s president President Aleksandar Vucic announced tougher curbs on gun ownership after a 13-year-old boy shot and killed eight fellow students and a security guard in a Belgrade school on Wednesday.

Based on early reports from the police, the boy had planned the attack for weeks and had prepared a kill list.

According to police, the boy fired first at a guard and three girls in a hallway and then shot his teacher and classmates during a history class. Among the injured were the teacher and six pupils, some with life-threatening conditions.

Vucic announced a suspension on new gun licenses other than hunting, revision of existing permits, and surveillance of shooting ranges and how civilians store their weapons as Serbia prepared for three days of national mourning. 

Having surrendered to police peacefully and being under Serbia’s legal age of criminal responsibility, the teen shooter will likely be placed in a psychiatric institution, Vucic revealed. However, both parents of the 13-year-old were arrested.

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Vucic also stated that the teen was waiting for this day, as he disclosed that the boy was at the shooting range with his father three times leading up to the horrific incident. It has also been revealed that the teen shooter had previously asked his school for a transfer to another class where he had three friends.

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