13YO Boy Who Raped 9YO Girl Says He Did So After Two Men Sexually Assaulted Her First

A young boy who was 13 years of age and is from a Westmoreland address is standing trial for the June 5, 2018, rape and brutal murder of a then 9-year-old girl in the parish.

According to reports, the accused appeared before Supreme Court Judge, Courtney Daye on Thursday, June 23, where shocking details of the incident were revealed. The young boy allegedly lured the victim on her way from school to the bushes with a promise to pick apples.


During a question and answer session in the presence of his lawyers, the teenage boy told the court that when he and the girl got to the location, two men, one of who he knows personally, were already there. He also added that both men were armed, one had a gun and the other had a machete.

He further divulged that he was not the only one who had sex with the young girl and stated that he only penetrated her vaginally after the two men had sexually assaulted her. He also stated that the man who was carrying the gun was the first one to initiate the act.

The victim was sexually assaulted both vaginally and anally according to forensics. This was confirmed by the tears on both the vagina and anus, as well as, blood and white thick fluid believed to be semen that was found in her anal canal.

In regards to who committed the murder, the accused initially stated that he had no knowledge of who killed her, however, he later changed his statement to say that the man whom he knows personally is the one responsible for strangling the victim to death.

A detective who testified during the trial stated that they investigated the claims made, however, the police did not find any reason to charge the man in question.

The prosecution on the case is led by Paula Llewellyn, Director of Public Prosecutions, and supported by Morgan and Loriann Thugwell. The defence is led by Denley Saddoo and supported by Devon Brown.

The trial is scheduled for continuation on Monday, June 27.

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