16-YO Girl Raped And Killed By Mother’s Boyfriend In Texas

Lauren Juma, a 16-year-old high school student in Texas, USA was shot and killed by her mother’s boyfriend, 60-year-old Van Henry Brisbon who reportedly lived with the family for three years.

According to police reports, Lauren was home alone with Brisbon at approximately 1 a.m. on April 29 when the fatal shooting occurred.


Court documents reveal that the deceased teenager and her mother, Laurie Young were on a FaceTime call when Lauren expressed her discomfort with Brisbon standing inside her darkroom. The mother reportedly asked the suspect to leave and that is when she heard her daughter scream the words “Mom, he has a gun”. The video ended right after.

Police officers were subsequently summoned to the scene. Brisbon then exited the home and was apprehended.

Further reports reveal that the suspect’s pants were down when he was arrested and Lauren’s lifeless body was also found with her pants down. Based on the evidence at the scene, investigators believe that she might have been raped before she was shot and killed. A sexual assault test will be performed to confirm such.

Since the tragedy, Lauren’s mother has expressed that she is confused as to what transpired that night between the two, as Brisbon has always treated her daughter “like she was his baby”. She, however, voiced that the suspect can rot in jail as he had no reason to take her baby’s life.

Brisbon was charged with murder and his bond was set for $1 million.

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